The Incredible Machine and Win2k

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The Incredible Machine and Win2k

Post by Ayumei »

Am I out of luck if it's not a Win XP Machine?

If not, read on:

I tried to use the instructions for getting TIM to work on an XP, but I don't seem to have the ability to make it DOS compatible.

I get as far as the first puzzle and it locks up with the following error:
Timwin.exe - Application error.

The instruction at "0x00d45c96" referenced memory at "0x00000025" The memory could not be read.
Clicking OK gets me that message once more then I get:
The exception inknown software exception 0xc0000027 occured in application at location 0x7c5c1e94
Anyone have suggestions on how to make this work on a Win2k box?

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Post by Elign »

Windows 2000 and Windows XP use almost identical kernels, and therefore about 99.9% of the time whatever works in 2000 will work in XP, and whatever doesn't work in 2000 also will not work in XP.

It looks to me like the game is trying to get direct access to RAM. Windows 95, 98, and ME were tolerant of direct hardware access while NT, 2000, and XP do not allow direct hardware access.

Your best bet would to be to install Windows 95 or 98 or ME somehow someway and run the game from there (another computer, a different partition, Virtual PC, etc.)

Or you could use DOSBox:
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