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display problem

Post by dosscreenhelpme »

hi, i noticed that whenever i try and play dos games, the screen gets a lil messed up

i mean, they are playable, but its not right

basiclaly, the top ince or so of the screen is moved right to the bottom of the screen

and there is a big black area between this small scetion of screen and the rets of the main are whcih shows the actual playable part of the screen

um...........its difficult to describe...........has anyone else ever heard of this.........

or know how to fix it

or know how i can post a screenshot for you to undersdtand what i;m talkign abotu>?????

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Commander Keen
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Post by Commander Keen »

are you using full screen mode?

Post by dosscreenhelpme »

Commander Keen wrote:are you using full screen mode?

i also have tried dosbox

but that also gives me problems

it is alot better

but now i have bits missing from the sides instead


Post by Guest »

well, i fixed it

i am now using dosbox still

but i edited the file dosbox.conf

i changed fullfixed=false to fullfixed=true

then i changed fullwidth=0 to full width=640

and finally fullheight=0 to fullheight=480

now it works fine :)

so if anyone else had those problems, thats what to do

make those changes, jsut open the file in notpad, then save it and youre done :)
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