Is Wolf3D supposed to have background music?

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Is Wolf3D supposed to have background music?

Post by Dave »

I have Windows XP and downloaded Wolf3D. The gun effects, doors opening, and angry Nazis work, but there isnt any background music. Is there supposed to be some? If there is can you tell me how to fix it?
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Post by Wally »

Yes of course!

Wolfenstein did have bground music when it was invented sooo yeah...

if you want to turn it off try going to options ;)



Edit: Sorry Folks I read the question then, wrote a reply... you are right John....

Therefore VMDsound or Dosbox would be the solution
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Post by John The Ax »

Wally, that was the dumbest post I've ever read. I'd ban you for stupidity, if I could.
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Post by Dogbreath »

Dave: Have you tried VDMSound? It's a soundblaster emulator for XP/NT and it may help you get the music working. Sadly though, Wolf 3D isn't very compatible with Windows machines, you could always try a <html><a href=>patch</a></html>.

Wally*Won_Kenobie: Even thinking about your post long enough to post a valid reply makes my stomach want to lurch up and secrete digestive acids into my brain so I'll refrain from doing so.

Edit: Just so you know, VDMSound is incompatible with Dosbox so I wouldn't recomend running the two together.
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Post by wardrich »

May I ask what soundcard you are using? There's a chance that it is uncompatible w/ Adlib/Soundblaster/Disney Sound (or wtf it is)

Post by Interon »

Maybe the MPU-401 MIDI interface in Windows is shagged up.

If you don't know what MPU-401 MIDI is, let me know.
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