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It's not required.
Sue began her retro gaming adventure with C.Keen , W3D and Doom if I remember swell, so: no ScummVM for those.

If you want to help her to get them L.Arts games run in ScummVM be my guest, I won't.

After all, ScummVM is also not required, them games rune fine in dosbox.
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That's true, they do run fine in Dosbox.

Ultimately, it's up to Sue. :)
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Post by sue »

Hey dont confuse me anymore
wouldnt even know what scummVM is anyway :laugh:
been away from computer for a while
and now have to try and work all this out again
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ScummVM is, in simple terms, a program that reinterprets the code in certain games(Lucas Arts and some others) and makes it work on Windows(or other various systems).

In even simpler words, it makes certain DOS games play as if they were built for Windows.
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