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Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:18 am
by Larry Laffer
dosraider... in a good mood? :huh:

Ok, then the world is coming to an end soon! Start looting TV stores people!

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:20 am
by coldie
lol, sorry i didnt mean for the sim thing to end up on this post, LOL wrong area, Right mr.dosraider?! And Larry, sooo not fair, you can post in locked posts! I can not do that, so now im gunna go make a comment in every post there is =P

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:23 am
by Larry Laffer
er... not every post. Eh, try not to revive old threads... so yeah, common sense. Otherwise, it's my sense :P

And, I say you take the offer, it's not like you can download sim city 2000 from abandonia(note: this is a warez/download site, no need to link it)

And yeah, I'm not linking

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:36 am
by dosraider
Should be in your mail, Coldie, hope it pass your spam filters :)

A word of explaination is included , you will need to write 2 floppies.

And it's not illegal, I don't send you the CD version. (Would be nice tough, you could stress your dialup with the CD version LOLZ).

Have fun with it, don't neglect your kids.

My contra email adr IS a pure spam box, if you should have trubbles don't use it, all that comes there is deleted automatically.

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:42 am
by coldie
um how do i write anything? im lost =C

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:45 am
by dosraider
Read the mail.
You need 2 floppies, that's all.
Rename the *._x_ to *.exe
Put a flop in the drive
.... and run those exes.

It will write the floppies for you.
They are self-extracting/writing flop images.

Oh yeah, save the 2 files first in a temp folder or so ........
coldie wrote:did u not read what i said? i do know stuff about computers and the internet!! :angry:
Yeah, sure, you are, you really do know stuff about computers, we believe you.

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 9:47 pm
by coldie
HAHAHA, rember im a girl, i just know what i NEED to know to make due, however, growing up I knew ALOT about my computer, i ran it mainly on dos, and when i was bored i used windows 98. I rember loveing my Xtree Gold!!!! I miss those days!
merged quadruple post ~dosraider
coldie wrote:lol, new set back, it said i need a HD floppy.... why cant i just use a normal floppy?!
coldie wrote:ACTUALLY my floppys are HD! they are MF2HD..... umm im sooo confused!
coldie wrote:OK

So I d/led it, but when it gets to the 2nd disk it says:

SYSTEM ERROR IN ' extract'
No such file or directory

I did this seriously 4 times, re d/ling and stuff... so i dono! :(

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 12:48 am
by dosraider
Wait a sec .....
It's a MAIL, you d/led ???? downloaded ???? ..... 4 times? Oh my oh my....
There is something seriously wrong somewhere on your pc it seems.

The disk images work, I've tested them, really.

And what you mean precisely with your "when I get to the 2nd"?
When you WRITE the second disk?
Or do you mean when you try to install the game and put the 2nd disk in?

I could send you the game pre-installed, but it would prob not work on your PC , it would have my config params, and ME would probably crash or lockup.

Oh wait another sec, I think I know a site where you can find the first (older) simcity classic, you could try that one.

Check your PMs.
It's the Win 3 version, it should work flawless on your PC, IF you can download it.
It even works in XP !

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 9:33 am
by coldie
no no no, I tryed re d/l the program from my computer to the disk 4 times.
And I get stuck when it install, and it asks for the second disk, that message comes up!

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:11 am
by dosraider
Don't really understand what you mean by
no no no, I tryed re d/l the program from my computer to the disk 4 times
What program?
To what disk?
Would you keep in mind most peeps around here (or many, me included) are NOT English native? So if you're not explaining clearely your stuffies we don't understand what you mean.

What I have send you are:
2 floppy images attached in my mail.
Can you save those 2 files in your outlook? (That could be disabled).
You must download that mail, save those attached 2 images in a temp folder, rename, the _x_ in exe (twice) run the exes and let them write the 2 floppies.
So you end up with disk1 and disk2.
Run install.exe from disk1.
Works in WinME (tested by moi).

that message comes up!
Simply means that it can't find the files he needs, I suppose here you talk about that floppyimage program????? Means that your download is corrupted or incomplete.
Disk1._x_ must be some 1.31Mb
Disk2._x_ must be some 1.51Mb.

As your PC seems a bit euuurhmmm not really very 'good',
I also PMd you is an URL where you can download the windows version of simcity (Simcity classic). Not from our sites, as you don't seem to be able to download from us.
Download that one and run setup.exe.
That works fine in WinME.(Tested by moi).

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 10:56 am
by coldie
I got the site, it worked great, played a game alredy!
The floppies, i did everything great! It all worked, untill i installed it, then when i tryed to install the second disk, it came up with an error message. So i have half of simcity2000 installed, but thats ok, you go on assuming its my fault =P

I ( hopefuly) will be getting cabel soon, so my internet at least will be upgradeing!! And my computer is only like 7 yrs old.. I shouldnt be having such " problems"
Mabey i ought to re d/l off my email? I dono.. im happy with just sincity ( the first one ) Thank you again!!

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:07 am
by dosraider
Now at least you got that one working.
Enjoy it.

There is definitively something wrong with your PC or with your dialup connection.
You can't download a complete archive from our sites, the mail seems also to be crippled (the attached files are fine, I've tested them).
Doesn't sounds very healthy.

Could it be that you're download size is restricted by your ISP? But I don't think so as SC classic is 1.58MB, and that worked fine.
Weird situation.

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:14 am
by coldie
it is odd, since my first one d/led just fine.. why did the second one not? Ill try again latter tonite!