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Give me my table!

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:39 pm
by Gamer_V
BBCode is ON
Smilies are ON

Yet I can't seem to be able to make a table to bring some law and order into my signature. So does html only mean the crap or is my [table] faulty? My sig is getting a bit long so meh.

I guess this marquee already proves my anti-point, but whatever.

(Post was originally going to be placed in bug report, but it isn't BUT i'm too damn lazy to retype.)

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 5:05 pm
by Larry Laffer
I have no idea what you're talking about but while on topic: How do you strike text? It's supposed to be [s]strike[/s] but it ain't working

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 10:15 pm
by CPT Worm
<strike>Hahahahaha, PWN'D</strike>

As for tables....

Uh, try using real HTML tags instead of [table].

Posted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 1:02 pm
by Larry Laffer
Ohh yeah... <strike>Mr Worm Sucks eggs</strike> :laugh:

It's odd cuz on proboards it's used [s][/s] not this

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 1:37 am
by AdamN
<marquee direction="slide" color="#000000">
If I can make it slide so can you!! :D

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 3:42 am
by Larry Laffer
Blah... I know how to make text slide... But I wonder if I can make it move from left to right.

<glow>glow test</glow>
[glow=red,2,300]glow test[/glow]
[shadow=red,left,300]shadow test[/shadow]
<shadow>shadow test</shadow>
[blockquote]Blockquote test[/blockquote]
<blockquote>Blockquote test</blockquote>
[sup]Sup. text test[/sup]
<sup>Sup. text test</sup>
[sub]Sub. text test[/sub]
<sub>Sub. text test</sub>
[tt]Typed text test[/tt]
<tt>Typed text test</tt>

Code: Select all

Code test
<code>Code test</code>
[hr]Sig. line test[/hr]
<hr>Sig. line test</hr>
  • List test
  • List test2
<list><*>List test<*>List test2</list>

[pre]Alignment test[/pre]
<pre>Alignment test</pre>

[left]Alignment test[/left]
<left>Alignment test</left>

[center]Alignment test[/center]
<center>Alignment test</center>

[right]Alignment test[/right]
<right>Alignment test</right>

<hr><hr>Bottom line: some work some don't

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:11 am
by AdamN
I'm guessing you didn't look above...
I would give you a hint, but I will let you figure it out! :rolleyes:

<marquee attitude=" scroll" direction="right">
Did it as well

<marquee attitude=" scroll" direction="up">
Did it as well

<marquee attitude=" scroll" direction="down">
Did it as well

<div align="right">
Did it as well!


<div align="center">
Did it as well!


<div align="left">
Did it as well

<div align="justified">
All the text here I learnt while doing my diploma in Information Technology, quite a few years back. Of course, only basic web design was in my course, these codes although are simple HTML codes, were considered part of a scripting language called Javascript. These are actually not Javascript codes but HTML codes. Of course, majority of HTML books don't teach you how do these, so I guess you have to figure it out.
This of course is Justified!

and I ain't givin' you the codes! :D
simple html coding used...

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 11:23 pm
by Larry Laffer
Like do you think I didn't quote your last message before I posted that one? Just a little bit for cross-refference?? :laugh: ?

I compared these things with the codes used on proboards forums.

And I still got some years ahead of me till I'll be eligible for a diploma :rolleyes:

<marquee attitude=" scroll" direction="right">

<marquee attitude=" scroll" direction="up">

<marquee attitude=" scroll" direction="down">
Blah :karate:

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 8:29 am
by Gamer_V
Oh. [Right] That was dumb. <Sorry> :shame:

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:44 pm
by CPT Worm
Uh, Gamer_V?

Your sig is HUGE. =/

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 12:53 am
And yours isn't?? Lol.


Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:55 am
by CPT Worm
It must be my widescreen resolution.

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 3:47 am
by AdamN
I agree with you on that Wormy.
He is using at least 500pix width and 100pix in height.

And Gamer, Wormy's Picture is no where the size of Gamer_V's!

Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 6:53 am
Then why does it come up not much difference in my computer?


Posted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 12:36 pm
by Gamer_V
Actually, it takes 100% of the space of the text-field. It's much smaller if your resolution is 800x640. Your sig (MR. Wormy) is heigher, but I'll edit it somehow anyway

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 12:11 am
by AdamN
Gamer, if you align Wormy's and Gamer_V's pictures to the left you would see a hell of a difference, in size.
Wormy's picture is Heigher than Gamer_V's.
Gamer_V's picture is longer than Wormy's.

Anyways a picture says a thousand words...

<img src="" width="900" height="800" alt="You Is All Pwned!!">

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:05 am
by SpaceFans
I think is have to be in the Off-topic section of the forum Moved please.