Forum outdatted

Forum for all the suggestions that have 1. nothing to do with our two websites ( DosGamesArchive) and 2. are not bug reports.
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Forum outdatted

Post by Wally »

This forum is falling behind..

The last version you have was 2.0.2 now there is 2.0.10

It would be recommended that we upgrade
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Post by kittie »

Life is like we Know It
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Hey My Forum My New Admin Ro@m and Gordie

Broadband Enabled

New Kittie Website with A Chatroom
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Way too much free time
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Post by Joris »

Do you really notice the difference between 2.0.2 and 2.0.10 Ben?

Post by Interon »

It's security issues, if Emmzee upgrades to 2.0.10, it will be a lot harder to hack this forum.
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Post by loozerman16 »

id rather laugh like a crazy guy named "Dr.Goldfire". and he looks like he's gonna shoot u with a bazooka.
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Post by Thunderdog »

Like anyone would WANT to hack this <strike>shithole</strike>place...
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