Looking for RPG/Adventure

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Looking for RPG/Adventure

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There was an old computer game. Im sure it was DOS. It was a 3D game were you start out in a prision. You had to beat up the guard who came over to the cell on an hoverboard. It was only a demo and very short. The last part of the demo was in a woods with an open road and you had to hide in an dumpster truck. The opening intro had the image of the character riding on a dragon, he looked chinese with a black ponytail. I've been looking for this game.. can anybody please help? Thanks.
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It is called "Little Big Adventure" (LBA) or "Twinsen's Adventure"
It had a sequel called "Twinsen's Odyssey" (LBA 2) for windows.
There are rumors about LBA 3.
The series has a cult folowing:
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