Someone kno where I can download Prince of Persia 2 full?

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Re: Someone kno where I can download Prince of Persia 2 full

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Harry wrote::cry:
Made a change in Section 1 to clarify the official warez/abandonware policies ... these have been the unofficial policies for quite some time, but I figured they should be part of the official rules:

Section I.1.c changed wrote:
c- No posts may be made asking for free copies for full-version games that have not been released as freeware. You may ask for sites where you may buy aforementioned games. Also, if someone DOES ask for a full-version or abandonware game, do not provide a link to download it.

Section I.1.d inserted (new) wrote:
d- Do not post links to sites containing warez and/or abandonware information, downloads, or links to such material.
The one exception to rule I.1.d is Home of the Underdogs ( ); linking to Home of the Underdogs is allowed.
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Holy crap. In case you haven't noticed by the general way that this board goes, it is here for the promotion and praise of the shareware/freeware/demo scene (not to be mistaken for the way cooler demoscene). Usually if you have to add the word "Full" to your post/topic, you should just stop for a second, hit the "back" arrow on your keyboard, and go back to google. :karate:
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google prince of persia 1. click on the first link on the page. there are downloads on that link for the full versions of prince of persia 1 and 2.
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