looking for a old domino-stone-game

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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looking for a old domino-stone-game

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there was a little ant (looks like a rabbit) and a lot of Stones in several floors, linked with ladders.
There are a lot of stone - types : normal - stone, split-stone, fly-stone, explode-stone, ... .
The ant had to change the stones in the right order and start off the right stone, wiht the goal, that all stones fall down (like domino-day).
There was a max-time for each level and 99 level ( I think ).
It was very difficult in the higher levels.
Knows anyone the name of the game and where i can get it?
Thanks a lot !!! :)


Game name

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Push over is the name of the game you are looking for
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Web site

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Here is the site
for a picture and a download this game is freeware

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After you have finished Pushover, you may like to try its sequel, One Step Beyond. One Step Beyond has horizontal dominoes instead of vertical. It is a similar puzzle game with Colin Curly jumping on platforms with differnt properties.

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