Looking For An Old Game But Forgot The Name.

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Looking For An Old Game But Forgot The Name.

Post by metalstorm »

Hi i'm looking for this old games, i have it on demo cd before but i've cant find the disk.

Description: You play as a bar manager where you serve any kinds of drink to people etc, like beer, whisky in any kind of glass like short glass. In 30 minutes you'll have to earn like $50 also forgot.

Oh yea and I've just remembered that you'll have to follow the recipe to serve to the customers. Its like about 7-8 years ago i've played this game. Not sure if its a dos game or not.

If anyoone can find this game that will be great, thanks.
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Larry Laffer
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Post by Larry Laffer »

It's a PLBM creation.Probably you have the full version(Gasp). But I don't know the name... yet I M positive it's from PLBM. I'm not sure if it's abandonware or not
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