need help with remembering a game

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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need help with remembering a game

Post by boris »

i played this game apsalotly ages ago but it was the coolest game ever and i cnt remember the name of it at all.

it started off with asleep in a house and an evil guy game came up from the water in this robotic fish and tryd 2 kill you but failes u then wuold go off to ge ur reveng by completing the lvls stage by stage.
ur weopen wrom i can remeber was that u could throw wall lookin things wich would hit ppl and then they would follow you every1 except urself was an enermy unless u throw a ball it them to make them on ur team. u could also use them on vechals so that you could use them ur self.

but this is all i can remember does ny1 no wot im on about?
if so could u help. cheers
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Post by Cakephatt »

Scorched Earth starts off with you asleep - in one Mega Man I think you might have to fight against a fish man, and of course you shoot power pellets. Ghosts and Goblins is the only game I can remember playing that is old and has two people in it at the same time with the super armor. Is it side scrolling? What system did you play it on, and is it a DOS game?
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Post by franpa »

bringing people to your side... makes all of cakephatt's suggestions Inadequate.
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Post by boris »

alright guys i have remeberd the game a friend told me the name and now we are both searchin 4 this game its called handkerchief does any1 know where i can find it. many thanks boris.
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Post by metalstorm »

Here <Link Gone!>and you'll need bit torrent.

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Post by boris »

thank you very much 4 the link

just 1 question how do u get the torrent software to download it i cant seem to get it to start downloading handkerchief.

any tips?

Post by boris »

erm when i try to download this it says [2006-04-08 20:41:39] "Handkerchief.rar" : Problem connecting to tracker - <urlopen error (10060, 'Operation timed out')>
you guys have any idea on what to do the soft ware im using is BitTorrent

i have also tryed useing Bitcomet and uTorrent but they seem to nothing

any tips? on what the hell i gotta do?
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