Finding a Dos Game called Wing

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Finding a Dos Game called Wing

Post by Vicker »

I am looking for a game that I enjoyed much during my kid's time
The game is called Wing, if I no remember wrong

It is a horizontal plane flying game

When the game starts
It starts from a battleship on the sea
You have to choose weapons (1 out of 3)
And then accelerate to fly to the enemie island

The game is very hard to play,
because the ammo is easily running out
and then you have to fly the plane back to the ship
it is very difficult to land safely on the ship

Please if anyone have played this game before, do tell me!!
Thousand Thx!!

Further: The game is mono-color Black, White, Grey only
But I don't know whether there are newer versions with colors

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Post by Thunderdog »

It sounds a lot like Zone 66 with a twist

Edit: I just played Triplane Turmoil, and it's a lot like what you describe. Except it has colors.

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Games name

Post by Wally »

Wings of fury could be the name of this game.
It was originally made on the apple II But you can download a color version on the PC. has it there you wil have to find it because my friend just found it


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