Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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What is the oldest game downloadable? :)
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Hmm Good question..

Starting off with text based games.

Could be 1981.. could be not
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DOS was first released in 1981, so I think he's looking for a DOS game that came out in 1981. Since it takes a fair amount of time to make a game, it might be hard to find a DOS game that was released in 1981.

The Zork series. According to this site, that came out in 1982.

Chances are that demos/freeware/shareware didn't exist back then, so all software may have been the stuff you HAVE to buy at the store.

Also DOS Games Online can search by year.

Click the drop down menu and select Year, then type in a 4-digit year. The earliest I found was Paratroopers made in 1982.
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Here are all games ordered by year... games on the top of the page are the oldest games:

http://www.dosgamesonline.com/index.php ... order=year
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