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Time line for most of the Shooting games

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 2:43 am
by xunzhine
Hi, i am making a projekt about shooting games evolution, how they evovled more violent and how the grafik evovled. i would really like some help from you guys. does any of you knows what the first popular shooting game was? how the grafik was builded? and can any one tell me what a module is? i heard something about that Counter-Strike is build on the Quake 3 module.

please help me :bday: thank you.

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 4:26 am
by xunzhine
Or is it called Quake3 Engine?

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 4:48 am
by Amro
Or is it a mod for half-life? It is.

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2004 6:53 am
by Frenkel
first popular shooting game
If you mean 3D shooting games, I guess Wolfenstein 3-D was the first popular first person action shooter.

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2004 3:36 am
by 486 player
Space Invaders (Atari, arcade) looked like

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2004 5:35 am
by xunzhine
Or is it a mod for half-life? It is.
yeah, but i heard someting about it was build on the quake 3 engine..?

and about that space invader game - was it build on a engine or dos or was it just written? i need some help about what the shooting games through the historie wa build on or build with. if you know what i mean :bday:

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2004 2:15 pm
by 486 player
It was a coin-up game. Micro prosessors o' that era (if there were any) were VERY primitive and couldn't handle many colors or sounds.

Posted: Tue Nov 02, 2004 3:08 pm
by Oz
counterstrike is a hl1 mod. the hl1 engine was a heavily modded version of the quake 1 engine.

Posted: Wed Nov 03, 2004 3:40 am
by xunzhine
ok. but is there anywhere i can read about the different engines and about coin-up and maybe other ways the dífferent games have been created through the years :)?

thanx all :D

Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 5:05 am
by Warg
Space invaders wa in the beginning so primtive, it had a coloured foil sticked to the screen, in order to emulate the colours.

The Evolution...

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:10 pm
by Raziel
You all have some knowledge but with missing parts. FPS (First Person Shooter) games has a real interesting background. And the source of this era is absolutely ID Software. I said that because in the beginning many companies tried to make such FPS games but they were really unsuccessful. Wolfenstein 3D was the first FPS game to achieve some level of quality, and the Doom legend followed it. They all were DOS based games including logical 3D environment and Sprite based character animation. Enough technology for that time. And John Carmack was the architect of this games. At last he made the revolutionary game, Quake. Fully textured, 3D modelled graphics; dark atmosphere, real adrenaline, this game was almost perfect. But still in the DOS environment. Then he began to work with Silicon Graphics, the creator of OpenGL. And he created the most flexible graphics engine of all time, Quake2 Engine. So our FPS games were carried to the new platform, Windows. And the legendary game, Half-Life is build on this engine, but with great improvements. Counter-Strike is a Half-Life MOD, so it's based on Quake2 Engine, too. But a new Engine grew up from the depths of the Epic Megagames, Unreal Engine, trying to beat the Quake2 Engine domination, and made it by developing their stuff to this far, Unreal3 Engine, the ultimate graphics for Unreal Tournament 2007. Even better than Quake4 Engine. So almost all game developers buy this Engine for their games in these days. That's the evolution of FPS gaming technology, but if you ask for FPS games, it differs. As I said before, the timeline 'till the creation of Quake was the rise of ID Software. Then Half-Life got the flag, and carried it with CS MOD. Then many games had been created without the soul of a real FPS game. Then John Carmack created Doom3, a real sequel to the legendary game Doom2. Quake3 was successful in graphics but failed in game stuff. So Quake4 turned to origin, single player gaming, but I thin it sucks. Quake was really good because it depends on the foundations of Doom and Doom2, the other Quakes (2,3,4) were just useless scraps. Unreal was a good game, indeed but Unreal2 was lack of Unreal spirit, so the saga continued only in multiplayer gaming platform. To me, the best FPS ever is Quake.

What is an Engine? An Engine is some programming stuff including reading models and textures, combine them for visulation, calculate physics for realistic movement, create ligting for enhanced graphics, etc.

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:27 pm
by NightC
Wolfenstien 3D was the First I recall, and for that matter one of the first computer games I played period. Incredibly done, and even now if you play it you get the feeling over being overwhelmed with the large maps and many hidden rooms.

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 8:47 pm
by Dogbreath
Don't revive 3 year old topics, thanks!