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Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Post by dr_st »

OK, for Golden Axe I recommend the following:

* Sega Genesis Emulator (Gens is the best I think)
* Roms of Golden Axe, Golden Axe II and Golden Axe III. Best versions of the games.

For The Lost Vikings I recommend:

* Super Nintendo Emulator (ZSNES is what I like)
* Roms of Lost Vikings and Lost Vikings 2

* Genesis Emulator (Gens)
* Lost Vikings ROM for Genesis (features a few new levels not present in the SNES version)

The PC version of Golden Axe is almost identical gameplay-wise to the Genesis version.

The PC version of Lost Vikings is identical to the SNES version.

The PC version of Lost Vikings 2, aka Norse By Norsewest, is something I really never liked. I have it, but it's not fun to play. Graphics are deep but kinda ugly, voice acting sucks, control seems to be much less responsive than in the SNES version. The levels and characters appear to be the same, though.

Can't direct you as to where to get them. Search!
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Post by Sorcerdon »

Definetly Golden Axe
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OHH golden axe!

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Wow, you mean to tell me theres an extended PC version ... thats great news. Bookmarks forum. :)

Ohh if you like golden axe try out this, I found it by mistake, I thought it was funny.

The Lost Vikings

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:jester: hur få manThe Lost Vikings
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Post by pedersencato »

YES It is, sorry i didn't respond, I got it back when I read that post and was in shock, the way the posts were going
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