Laura Bow 2; Dagger of Amon Ra

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Laura Bow 2; Dagger of Amon Ra

Post by LaimontL »

Does anyone know where I can find this game? I have games to trade if anyone has this game.

Post by beckstar »

i also want this game!! can't find it anywhere. please email if you have it or know where to find it for free. Please Help!!

dagger of amon ra

Post by kwood »

omg I had totally forgotten about that game! I think I still have it on the orginal cd somewhere. I will have to look around. I will repost if I find it.

Post by Atreides »

I have the King's Quest collection which has both the Laura Bow games...I'll look for my cds

E-mail: and I'll find a way to inform you on the game


Post by avatarspoof »

i want that game to email if u get it. plz
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This is funny. There is only one view on this discussion and besides the first messgae made the rest are guests. Are you the same person?
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Post by wardrich »

nope, I checked. They're all different.


Post by Farhat »

I'll Trade the Colonels bequest for Dagger of Amon ra

email me at

Amon Ra

Post by Daniel »

You can download it at '*Whoops* i didnt read the rules... ' Just do a search for Laura Bow

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Laura Bow 2. Dagger of Amon Ra. Where to find it.

Post by irishmoon »

You can download both Laura Bow games at, <snip>

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