Windows Roleplaying Adventure Game from Late 90s/Early 00s

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Windows Roleplaying Adventure Game from Late 90s/Early 00s

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Hey guys, trying to track down this game I used to play when I was younger.

It was a sort of Adventure/RPG game i used to play when I was younger. If my memory serves correctly, I played it on the first computer my family purchased, which would have made it from either late 90s or the Early 2000s. We've only ever had Windows, and I remember playing it on the Windows 2000.

I used to think the name of the game was Kiplo, but now I'm no longer sure. It was a 2D game with a POV similar to the Zelda (like, Link to the Past) games at the time. So, bird's eye?

You were a monk (?) who woke up in your room of the monastery. Your main weapon was a staff you picked up out of the chest nearby, and you explored (again, like the Zelda games) the monastery around you. The Monastery had suffered an earthquake (or some grander disaster) and the main entrance/exit was sealed and blocked off, and you were trying to find a way out. I could never remember if it was a Buddhist-esque monastery or a Western/Christian type one. Simply because... there was magic and the monks all had bald heads.

So, some things I remembered:

-Whacking crows who would fly at you with your staff to kill them
-Reuniting two ghosts of former monks who were in love (yes, there were female monks) and soothing their spirits
-Talking with the Abbot/Head Monk in the main temple where most of the others were praying. He gave you a puzzle of ripped up pieces of paper and when put in the correct order you unlocked a fire/fireball spell.
-An explosive potion which required Apple cider that had turned into vinegar, incense, the purple petals from the monastery garden. You had to find a cauldron big enough to cook it, so the trick was to climb the belltower, flip the bell upside down, pour it all in, and light it with the fireball spell to cook it.
-Once you had this, you could unblock this side chamber, and this is where it gets fuzzy... some sort of machine/statue/etc where taking monks that had been mind controlled and turning them into like... knights/machines/enemies who attacked you. I could never get past this part. I was a kid at the time!
-Time didnt really flow. I mean, you moved, and some of the monks moved (heck, some even threw rocks in the monastery garden) but I dont recall a day/night cycle. Combat was not turn based.

Sadly, thats all I remember. For years, I thought the name was 'Kiplo' but any search turns up nothing. Would appreciate any and all help to find it

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