Platform game with floating eyeball monster

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Platform game with floating eyeball monster

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Hi, I'm desperately trying to find a game i used to play back in 2005 to 2009, although it's possible that it was realeased earlier.
What I remember:
I played it on our family's pc
I think maybe it was on this disc that was titled 'gameboy' and the disc had a lot of folder on it and you wouod have to dig through the folders to get a game and I always struggled to find the same game because the files were such a maze, the same disc also had wolfenstein 3d on it, i don't know if this was maybe just a pirated disc my parents got somewhere though, altgiugh i do remember the title looking printed and professional
It was a platform game
The main tile colors of the specific scene i remember, were blue/teal, but I'm don't know if all levels were this color
One of the monsters was this floating/bouncing eyebalk thing that would chase your character for a bit but if you got away far enough it would leave you alone
If you jumped on the monsters they would die, with the eyeball monster you had to jump twice to kill it
The eyeball monster thing had a tendril hanging from the back of it, and I think maybe the iris was blue but i can't be sure, it also looked kinda realistic with veins and stuff
On some parts there were spikes on the top and bottom of the platforms
I think maybe the platforms were under ground or in a building because there was no outside scenery like there is in mario
It was kind of similar to commander keen but less cartoony, although it wasn't very realistic and it wasn't 3d, but slightly less cartoony and stylized
I also remember the name not really making sense to the game, I remember always thinking it was a different game and then i would be surprised when i went in and it was this game

I can't rewlly remember anything else but i hope maybe this is enough
Please if anyone knows what this is, I've been searching so long

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