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Top-down Adventure game with duck-spawning

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:34 pm
by Millenial
The only piece of this game I can remember is a bit where you play as an adult duck (or possibly similar waterfowl) and the only thing you can do besides interact with objects to try and find a way forward is spawn a baby duck every few seconds. I don't remember if your character transforms into the duck or if you start as the duck for this adventure. Most of the exploration is outside in a grassy setting with scattered trees/bushes, a river, and maybe some huts/houses. The game had color but not much variety of it, and you could only move in cardinal directions.

Eventually you enter a room that locks behind you and has the only enemy I can remember, a cylindrical murder robot with tire treads, blade arms, and a spherical head. The room has a tile floor and clinical paraphernalia, maybe a secret lab or something? The robot moves the same speed as the player and can kill you instantly, so spawning ducks for it to pulp is the only way to maintain distance and after doing this for a while it breaks.

I played it on a Windows PC. I don't know if this duck part was the whole game, one of several independent mini-adventures that comprised a game, or simply part of a bizarre journey, but I remember the duck part as being surprisingly short. My confusion on this point leads me to believe it was possibly even part of a collection, or maybe one of several example/demo adventures for a kit of some kind.

I was so young that I'm probably misremembering some aspects and I suspect this might've even been a weird dream or something, but it's too oddly specific and unrelated to anything in my past so I figured I'd try here for a lead. Thanks for reading, I appreciate any info you might have.