90s Kids Art History PC Game

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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90s Kids Art History PC Game

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Platform: PC

Year: 1995 - 1999.

Graphics: I think they were mostly 2D? In that, there was a lot of classical art being shown, so yeah. It was a lot of just, 2D pictures, that said, I think there may have been some 3D environments between education art moments of the game if that makes any sense? But I could just be imagining things.

Genre: vaguely educational, with a focus either on just art, or art history. I remember specifically a lot of focus on Classical/Renaissance Art/ Botticelli and Da Vinci were there.

There was a variety of activities you could do, all revolving around Art and History. One activity involved helping Leonardo Da Vinci paint The Lady with The Ermine. I remember you went to his studio and he talked you through all the specifics of painting a portrait in the very specific way they did in those wacky renaissance times.

Another activity included digging up an ancient Greek Urn. It had a really interesting and honestly quite detailed focus on the archaeology aspect. You'd get to do everything from map out the little area, put flags out, dig, dust things off, etc.

In general, it had some vague point and click elements too? I remember at one point you had to go and find a bag of gold coins hidden behind a bush for... some reason> I don't know, maybe Leonardo wanted compensation for the bad colouring job I did or the Ermine or something.

You could go and visit a art gallery too? Or at least look at a painting of an Art Gallery? (This sounds increasingly ridiculous)

I was able to play it on a old Windows PC,

I have searched for this bad boy, for literal aeons. I do not know how else I could try and find it. Please help me prove I am not losing my marbles just yet. I would honestly be so happy if I could find it :shame: :shame:

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90s Kids Art History PC Game

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There are several educational games with art focus, some are more like encyclopedias, other adventure games.

Only for Win3.x, depends on how old your computer was:

These are for Win9x also:



Also this group (but no Da Vinci in this list)
https://www.mobygames.com/game-group/th ... s-painters

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