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Adventure game of 2000s

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:07 pm
by Kindynosv2
Hi guys!I will try to be as much analytical as possible. So the game that i'm looking forward to is 1) 2D adventure game, 2) it is kid-friendly 3) looks like terraria or something like that 4) i don't remember when it was published but i was playing it when windows vista were very popular, 5) The character is purple and fairly enough looks like a liquid drop, 6) The story is about that purple character was sent inside a rocket by some weird robots and that rocket was crashed in Earth or planet similar to earth, and has one magic (crystal!?)ball that u can throw it away but it will always come to you again and as you pass levels-biomes(i remember 3 biomes: one with many trees, bog and an area with snow where u fight these weird robots) u will face some bosses that will give you even more magic crystal balls. And i remember that when i reached 3 magic crystal balls i went to a spacecraft, space-station or something like that 7) i aslo remember that you have life and energy to jymp REALLY HIGH .That's all i can remember , please if you come up with something do not hesitate responding to me. Have a nice day :).