Solving murder game by finding who is in what room

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Solving murder game by finding who is in what room

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The game is some kind ot Gamehouse games, where you can buy and download it from the internet (but its crack was easily found, so it's kinda free), and I remember it was around the time of Insaniquarium, so, around 2005, maybe?

The game goes like this:
You are a detective that needs to solve a murder in a big house (a manor?). For every stage of the game, there is a new victim and a new murderer using new murder weapon. The suspects are the residents of the manor, so it is always the same every stage. In each stage, you will see the empty rooms of the house (start by 3x3 boxes, each box is each room, and more rooms in higher stages), and you need to figure out who is where at the time of the murder. Additionally, in higher stages, you need to also locate where the murder weapon was at that time, the motive of the murder, where the murder takes place, and how the body is hidden.

The way you solve the murder is like that famous Einstein riddle: There are clues in sentences like these:
- Bob was in the room next to the bathroom
- Claire saw Johnny in one of the rooms in the basement
- Andy heard Dominic in the room on the left of his room

Once we figure out who is where, completely, then there will be a narration that tells who is the murderer and the murder weapon etc.

Can you help? Thank you so much for your effort.

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