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Please help me identify this game it's killing me

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 7:00 am
by Taller4
Please help me find the title of this game. I'm almost certain it was a ps2 game where you could play multiple characters or have multiplayer split screen with all 4. The players were sorted by colors blue, green, pink and orange. Pink was a girl, orange was a robot, blue was a white guy and green was a black guy. They also had different abilities like I believe blue was a technician that could deploy a 2 wheeled Rover that could shoot grates to access areas and hack, orange could ignore certain environmental conditions like fire or electricity on the ground. But the game was largely a puzzle game where you switch between characters and solve what was happening in a location. I remember the first mission being at some kind of meat factory where a bunch of stuff malfunctioned and you had to actually navigate the saws at one point, hack for footage, and kill a surprising amount of little rats. There was also a multiplayer mode where you could go in and shoot each other arena style with weapons or there was a racing mode with the rovers. I think that's all I remember but if anyone remembers anything else please post it and maybe we could find this game