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Red ball against evil-faced purple balls maze game

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 10:44 am
by Ortyika
I am looking for a game which I played around 2004-2005 /Windows 98 or 2000.
The main "character" was a RED BALL/emoji and the enemies were the PURPLE EVIL-FACED BALLS. Each level became more and more. You had to escape from the purple ones and eat other objects (maybe other colored balls, because the whole game remained in my imagination very-very colorful ?). It had peculiar midi music. It was a top-view game and I think a maze game, the maze built from grey bricks. It is reminescent of SUPAPLEX, PAC-MAN like games. Thanks!

(p.s me and my sisters call it Wunchel :D but don't know why... :( but we are sure that we were lazy to read through the whole name, and only the stupidity remanined :D