WINDOWS - late 90s/early20s - conceptCLICK&DRAG

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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WINDOWS - late 90s/early20s - conceptCLICK&DRAG

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Hello all :)

For some years now I remember a video game I played when I was little (born in 1991) and can't find it..I have flashes of memories quiet precise but the wole plot is blurry. I think you have to find pages hidden in decorated rooms with no one in them, to discover stories about gods (god of time, goddess of seasons...) and when you find one, you have flashbacks about those gods.

You start the game on a black screen with only a small rope visible. And when you click and drag on the rope you understand it's a light bulb and the light glows! (dramatic entrance isn't it?)

I can remember some rooms :
- one with a little train (toy) and you can follow it and discover more in the room.
- one where you put a bean in a pot, and if you come back after in the game, it grows and grows. You can "grab" the bean and "climb" it with the mouse to find a page.
- a last one: it's a yard with circus stuff (majoret stick, balloon, a seesaw..) And you have to put stuff on the seat of the seesaw and make it jump, so you make experiments to jump to the correct hight, (ex: the bowling ball does not get high enough and the balloon goes far too high). The screen follow the stuff you send to the air and I think you can grab a page on the way..

Thank you so much for the help! <3
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