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Educational pc game which made you find all alphabets or numbers on the map by driving around in a bumper car.

Posted: Tue May 26, 2020 12:19 am
by kicking_noobs
This was a CD game, played on the pc. I played this maybe around 2006-2008. The player had to find all the alphabets and numbers while riding in a bumper car.
There was a boy and girl and you could choose to play as either character. They also each rode in a different type of bumper car. I think the girl may have braids and the boy may have had short hair. I remember there being a third character who provided some kind of exposition. The game let you choose your gender and you had to choose either a 'numbers' or an 'alphabet' mode. I do not know if you could choose the map or not. Basically the game starts with some person telling you about the alphabets or numbers which are arranged in perfect order. Suddenly, i think the wind or something else blows them away and they get scattered across the map. The player is sitting in a bumper car, and has to drive across the map, finding each and every alphabet/number. You usually had to drive on the dirt/gravel road but you could go off road and drive on the huge hills that were basically everywhere on the map. If you drove up a hill with enough speed, you could go flying off which was the most fun part of the game for me. I think you could also go in water, but not sure. The maps you played on were probably a circular loop like a race track.
There were different maps i think. I remember bright skies on the maps with clouds and huge green hills everywhere. I think one map had snow on it. There was also some body of water i remember which you could drive past. You could also see a vast terrain outside the map with cities and maybe a rainbow but you could never get there no matter how hard you tried because of a wall or some tall barrier preventing you from doing so. Not sure about this one, but maybe the bumper car you rode in had a triangular bottom and maybe there was a day night cycle in the game.
There was a separate mini-game where you raced against other random characters in bumper cars. The race would start near a large stadium full of a cheering crowd. I think there was a countdown, after which the race started. I remember different biomes/areas on the track. When the race ends(i do not remember how it ends), the top 3 winners but put on a podium while in their bumper car.