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Old puzzle/sokoban windows game.

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 5:16 pm
by imgoinginsanehelp
Please help me, this game is going to make me go insane!
Every year or so I go crazy looking for this game and I give up. Since quarantine started this year I have began my search yet again. I went through mobygames thouroughly every time, this year went through myabandonware and nothing!! Went through all major game companies at the time and went down a rabbit hole of game publisheds and nothing. Please help.

So this game I remember everything was looking like cubes. The characters (this detail not 100% sure of) looked like Habbo avatars except more Cube-ish. These avatars were on a platform (in the sky?) and that platform had holes (holes in the shape of cubes of course.) and I had to control a character at a time and I had to push crates/boxes to fill the holes so that my character can pass. Not only holes tho, sometimes I had to push crates to make some stairs and I will complete the level.

Back in 2015 or so I joined a forum (will not name it) and asked them for help and they said the game was a sokoban type.

I dont remember when I played it exactly but between 2004-2008. I do not really remember anything else, but one detail that may help is that the game had a 30-minute trial.

Please help me this game is going to drive me nuts!. Thank you!.