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WIN birds eye view sailing game with puzzles

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 5:55 am
by Trains
This is my last attempt to find an old 2D game I used to play in 2008-2010 on Windows XP.
All I can remember:
The player controls a sailing boat with white sails on a bright blue ocean.
There are NPC pirates scattered around the map. They attack the player when they are in range.
The battle takes place on an other screen in first person view. The battle is fairly simple, the pirate moves from one side to another, and the player fires a canon on it.
The objective of the game is to sail from one destination to another, where the player have to solve some puzzles (on a new screen). The first minigame is a "pathfinding" game, where the player have to clean a path in front of the sailing boat. Logs are blocking the way, and they only can be moved in 2 directions (left-right or up-down).

Sorry for my bad English. :) I hope this is enough information. Thank you!