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Horror game rescuing your posessed ex, secret military experiment gone wrong.

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:06 pm
by miqqq
I am not sure this is actually a DOS-game, but I am pretty desperate to find it so i hope this is OK to post!
I saw a letsplay of it maybe 2-4 years ago so I guess it could be older, but it seemed to me like pretty good graphics at the time. There are voice actors.

The game starts in a car you drive, you are on your way to find your (ex) girlfriend. She has been gone for work for months, kinda ghosting you in to a breakup. You have recieved a voice recording via email of her sounding scared and asking you to come get her. Your friends is on the phone insinuating she is not worth the trouble. She works att some remote location, think swamp-environment. The hous/es on the property is unkempt and run down.

Your first gameplay is that you somehow wake up tied to a bed, i think you got whacked in the head maybe. There is a creepy redneck family living there, the characters are like "momma"/mother, grandma in a chair or wheelchair not moving maybe dead, agressively behaving adult son. They try to feed you what looks like human insides and they want you to "join the family" and you have to escape.

When you do escape you find your girlfriend/ex in a basement. She switches between being lucid and not. She has kind of a "bilbo-moment" where her face and personality changes and she attacks you. She also talks about you joining the family.

Spoilers ahead:
You now need to avoid "the family" and try to escape this place that is apparantly a military base. There is probably multiple endings, i think you can escape with your ex or pick some other girl that is also on the property but somehow not infected. I think there is a final boss fight where you fight a ghost child entity (girl) and that she IS the failed experiment, and she is like the one that "posesses" people in to being "her family". Idk of you actually see her or just talk telepathicly. I am pretty sure you can escape by boat if you find the key and gasoline.

I don't really play enough games to know how to explain things well, i get that, but i am happy to try my best to answer any questions because I'd very much love to find it! :bday:

Thanks for trying!