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jRPG game about young magician girl

Posted: Thu Feb 13, 2020 12:27 pm
by havcareen
Dear dosgames users!

I need some help with looking for an old jRPG game. Let me tell you everything i remember.

Platform: Windows
Year of last play: something about 2000-2004
Genre: jRPG/Adventure
Graphics: 2D 16/32 bit (not sure)

Plot: Starting with young girl (red colour) that can do some magic, at first she fight some snakes in woods, then she meets a boy (blue colour). Together they go to big city when she joins Magic Academy and after a few years she become sorcerer, and the boy becomes a knight. Then then meet another guy, rogue (green colour). They fight some ogres/orcs and similiar monster together.

Thats all i can remember. i know there are many jRPG games like this, but i just know that when i see some screenshots, i will know thats it! :)

I would be very gratefull for anything that could help me find that game!
Best regards,