Looking for a 90's windows/dos game

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Looking for a 90's windows/dos game

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I'm not sure which system the game ran on. I know it ran on my dad's old win 98 PC. So... on to the info.

Its a futuristic squad based tactics game. It was real-time, not turn-based (pretty sure).
You had a squad of 4-5 cyber-enhanced soldiers. The soldiers ran on batteries and you either had to find recharge stations or bring spares to keep them moving.
It was a top-down/iso style game, mostly sprites i think, had some really crappy quicktime-looking fmv sequences. The main base was a massive collection of these and reminded in a way of Myst.
It was a combination of corporate espionage/illegal warfare/assassinations/ etc
I played this game in the mid to late 90's along with The Hive (a rail-shooter that seemed to be more movie than game sometimes)
I'm fairly certain it came on a CD
Thanks for the help!
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Looking for a 90's windows/dos game

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Ubik? Not top-down, more birds-eye.

Syndicate/Syndicate Plus perhaps? Isometric views.
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