looking for a windows rpg game (2002-2004)

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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looking for a windows rpg game (2002-2004)

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I'm trying to find a game my parents had when i was little. here is what i know:

- probably released between 2002-2004/2005
- played it on Windows XP most likely
- most likely has a russian translation (not sure if patch or official)
- 3d graphics
- 3rd person
- has a character creation mechanic (can be male or female, dont remember if there are several races or not)
- had saves
-can't remember if it had an online mechanic, but i think not
- can't remember if you can control several characters at once, but probably not
- inventory is grid style, similar to Diablo
- the game is not isometric, so it cannot be diablo 2
- loot from defeated enemies drops on the floor with text above it. gold appears as gold piles, items as the item type.
- don't remember if the camera was moveable, might have been able to zoom in/out, but not sure
- dialog opened a window with the npc text up top and speech options at the bottom
- has randomized loot tables
- real time battles, not turn based
- i'm pretty sure it's a fantasy rpg, but it might have had sci-fi elements as well
- when you start the game there's a scenario where you're in a battle, getting closer somewhere. it's quite easy to pass this part, since there are other npcs helping in the battle. at the end of the battle part you get captured and put in jail, but get released shortly after waking up. the cell next to yours has loot, and if you exit the cells area you enter a place with an npc that asks you a question, and upon answering correctly you receive armor. from this room you can get to another place by pulling a lever, moving a platform (I was probably 4-6 when i tried to play this game, so i couldn't figure out how to activate the levers and progress beyond this point). the game is linear up to this point, i don't know if theres a branching story beyond this point. i don't really remember much of the story, since i probably didn't read much of it. but i remember the beginning of the game quite well visually ("i'll know it when i see it")

I'm not sure if ill ever find this game, but any suggestion is much appreciated! :)
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looking for a windows rpg game (2002-2004)

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YMMV here as this is an MS-DOS games forum.
I'd suggest asking @ https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/
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