Please help me find forgotten cleaning room game?

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Please help me find forgotten cleaning room game?

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Hello everyone, I got a game on my mind. I played it online when I was 7-12 years old and I'm born 1998. Other games I think I played back then was "Bomb it" (the game with four little robots), "Anika's Odyssey", "Kindergarten" (where you play as a blond young woman and takes care of kids all day, and you can purchase a full version) "Gold miner vegas" and "The Waitress" (where you're a plain waitress and the game slowly gets harder. You can find it on That's all the hints I can give about the year.

It was online, but I don't remember which site. It was a cleaning room game, but you played as a little girl. She couldn't be designed btw. But I think it began with her mother popping in and telling her daughter to clean up in her bedroom. There was no time limit, you didn't have a list of fings to find anywhere and I think you just picked things up and put them in their places. Maybe you had to vacuum too, not sure. When you were done (I think) the mom came in and said something, like well done, maybe.

I also remember that when you picked something up the girl pronounced the word of that thing. The only example I remember what that she had a big ladybug doll and she said "ladybug" when you picked it up. So it could've been one of those learning English games, as well as a cleaning game.

The game was 2D, plain and the room wasn't so big. This is all I remember. Please help, and thank you in advance!
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Sorry but this forum is about DOS games, You should ask on Reddit :)