Looking for a wierd game I used to play..

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Looking for a wierd game I used to play..

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So when I was younger my brother and I used to play this really wierd game where in the first level you were a lizard who walked around on a platform collecting random itmes. When you were done you could walk through this purple portal to get to the next level. In the second level I don't remember what type of character you were, but you were under the water and along with the random itmes you had to catch a purple hat that was ''running/flying around''. When you caught the hat it would say ''oh yeaah'' (lol). In the third level you were a skateboard and the level was kinda simmular to the first one.

This game was really wierd but my brother and I used to love it haha. So if anyone knows what its called please let me know. ;;u;;
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Well let me first start off by playing Devil's Advocate and ask if you read the rules before posting. :devil:

We need more information on the year played or better yet not just played, but when the game first came out. (Saying you played a game yesterday for the first time and it was about a guy in overalls with a mustache, who ran left to right, jumped on enemies heads, grew larger and who throws fireballs and climbs beanstalks, could be the original Super Mario Bros., and that was from the 80s... :laugh: ) What platform/system you played it on, etc., etc., etc.

Anyway the only game I can think of off the top of my head with a lizard is Gex. He is a gecko and not from the insurance company either... although I hear it rumored they are brothers and related to the original talking lizard in the Bible... :rolleyes:

Although I have never played the original one, only part three, Gex:Enter the Gecko, he goes around bi-pedally, collecting items, tail whipping enemies and eating flies using his long tongue to regain health. The first game from screen shots at least looked a bit linear, as in the old Super Mario Bro game I had previously mentioned. You move one way or another and that was it I believe. Part three you actually roamed a 3D world and went to different areas that had different and comical themes.

I wont say and pretend this is most likely your game, due to what little description you gave. But I do believe you had to get to the end of the level and go through a portal of sorts. And at least in the later game he would dress the part of his area. Also the lizard talks in comedic fashion. (Dana Gould in the US and Danny John-Jules from Red Dwarf and Death in Paradise fame in the European one.) As far as being a "skateboard" I highly doubt, but maybe riding on one. But again I am speaking of the third game, but who knows.

The game series I am referring too was played on the 3DO, PS1, N64, Saturn, PC and Game Boy Color in some form or fashion. I hope that helped.
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What DOS Wolf Said. It definitely sounds like Gex.
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