NES/SNES beat 'em up with multiple characters

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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NES/SNES beat 'em up with multiple characters

Post by Tjotjo »

I'm looking for a old nes/snes game. I played it 16-18 years ago.

- I can remeber it is an multiplayer adventure fighting game.

- You could pick 2-4 characters

- A guy with a red bulletproof vest or something like that

- A girl with a whip i think

- You'd walk on the street and beat thugs together

That is all i can remeber plz help.
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Post by MrFlibble »

Something like Streets of Rage?

You can also check the beat 'em up game list.

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Post by wardrich »

Might also be one of the Final Fight games.
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Post by tienkhoanguyen »

I used to play a game on the original XBOX called "Warriors".

It was set on a street scene and I think there was that discription.

It has been maybe a year so I could not recall more.
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Post by DOS Wolf »

Double Dragon comes to mind, really the only beat-em up on the NES that fits your description. The first DD was so so and differed from the arcade. It was two players, but you had to rotate and basically was the same character. Also you had to earn points in order to gain the better moves. And it had a VS mode where the graphics were actually improved a bit and you just beat the crap out of each other with different people from the game. And it does have a girl with a whip and you could pick up the whip and use it against them, not the VS mode but the main game.

DD 2 had it where the punch was one button and one direction and the kick was the other button and the opposite direction, as in behind you and it was two players simultaneously.

DD3 was the one where you gained new allies like in Castlevania 3, but when you lost a life that person was dead permanently as I recall for the rest of the game. You did not have player lives as I recall, just the extra allies and one was a ninja or a kunfu guy with metal claws on his hands.

And SuperDD I do not remember much, except you got to hold down a special button to build up your power gauge and then release it to either do special moves or become a big hulk looking dude to tear up your enemies. It was the only DD game on the SNES that I am aware of.

Of course there was also Renegade, but I do not remember any girl with a whip, although they did have pocketbooks/purses as I recall, but you could not pick up any weapons, at least not the first game anyway. It did have a nice motorbike sequence though. Streets of Rage was a SEGA game, not a Nintendo one. And I do not remember any whips in Final Fight.
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