3d isometric game 1985-1995

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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3d isometric game 1985-1995

Post by goo400 »

Hi I need help finding this game, I used to play it in my pc with CGA monitor in the 90's.

The game is a 3d isometric (view like in Diablo1) fighting game.
You have to fight against bandits in the street.
You can punch, kick, pickup and use different weapons.
I remember nunchaku, club and gun.
You can enter buildings.

I remember a whore in the street, that stood near the wall.

You can not talk with other people, just fight like in street fighter, but 3d isometric, not 2d.

the main character is a white guy. his name was like Nicko.

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Post by Rwolf »

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Post by Quadko »

Heh, I forgot about that one. Nice.

I'm not coming up with any other Diablo-style isometric brawlers, but if SFM isn't it, you might take a look at games like Renegade, Gaiapolis on NES, and of course Double Dragon. (The web keeps calling games like DD psudo-isometric, though I'd still just call them side-scrolling... :))

If they are all misses, let us know if any of them look similar to your memories, maybe that will help us narrow it down.

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