City Quest (full version of Maze Quest) by Tom Sherwood

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City Quest (full version of Maze Quest) by Tom Sherwood

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I am looking for the game City Quest, which was a paid 'full version' of the game Maze Quest by Tom Sherwood. (circa 1991).

In Maze Quest (under 'other games') there was information about the full version called City Quest, as well as an address to send money to in order to purchase the game.

However, I have found no other reference to City Quest beyond this, having searched the internet in vain for any further information.

Another game by Tom Sherwood was Castle Siege (both with a shareware and paid versions I believe).

Has anyone out there ever seen City Quest?


In the same boat

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This is the closest thing that I found to the game itself when I Googled City Quest.
Maze Quest was fun! I wan't some nostalgia!

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We don't have City Quest, but Maze Quest is now available here:
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