Old 2-player space game with unique ships [Star Control]

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Old 2-player space game with unique ships [Star Control]

Post by lazarillo »

Hi everyone,

I used to play a game from around 1993 - 1995 or so, so I am guessing the game came out slightly before then.

It was a two-player competitive game where each player would try to take over the solar system / collection of planets. You would have a particular space ship type protecting the planet, and when two ships of opposing types would enter the same planetary space, a fight would ensue.

OK, now the fight details I remember better. Some highlights to hopefully help ID the game:

o the planets would exert a gravity, some space ships would have a large mass (and inertia) while others would have less-to-none. Being less massive was a strategic advantage.

o Each competitor had a different set of ships that he could access. You could think of it as the "good guys ships" vs. "bad guys ships".

o I remember several of the ship types, but not all of them. Here goes:

-- UFO-looking ship. It had zero mass (would not get pulled into the gravity). Its special ability was to teleport to a random location. It's regular weapon was a short-range auto-guided laser.
-- Battlestar Galactica looking ship. It had very heavy mass. Its special attack was to launch little vipers that automatically moved towards the enemy, and automatically attacked when close. Its regular weapon was like a strong torpedo / bullet.
-- Rocketship looking ship. I cannot remember its attack types.
-- Klingon looking ship. Its special ability was to turn invisible, I think, and its regular weapon was a cone of attack... if the enemy fell within this cone they were hurt.

o There were something like 6 or 8 ships per side, none of the ship types were shared. I just cannot remember the others.

I used to love this game. Anyone remember the name?
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Post by Rwolf »

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Post by aderack »

Yeah, that's almost certainly Star Control 1.

Thanks so much!!

Post by lazarillo »

Yep, that's it! I think it's Star Control I, but honestly SC II looks familiar, too.

I'd love to say that the internet is friggin' awesome, but the reality is that it's the combination of the internet PLUS amazing people like you guys, willing to offer up a bit of your time to scratch that itch that's been in my brain for years.

Thanks a ton!

Really dont think it is...

Post by Guest »

I've looked a youtube clip and searched the ships and its kinda of like that, but had "better" graphics and they dont have the spaceships you mentioned. I totally remember what you are talking about though!

Not too sure

Post by LawGuy12 »

I agree. I don't think its star control either. They don't have the ships I remember. I do remember the alien that you would use their attack the alien's ear would squeeze together and he would release these green slimy things that would attach to your ship. I also remember the sphere looking ship that could teleport short distance and would have an automatic short-ranged laser. Those are the only two ships that I totally remember.
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Post by Quadko »

It's been a while since I've played either Star Control, but these details sure sound like what I recall: Alien faces, teleporting, the green goop, various ship shapes including rocket and battlestar style shapes, lasers and homing rockets and so forth are all in SC 1 & 2.

Ship descriptions for SCII:
http://www.star-control.com/hosted/scsa ... ipspic.htm

Images of ships for SC3:
http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/star- ... hotId,390/

"Better" graphics, I can't help with. ;)
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