horror/alien/space game

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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horror/alien/space game

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I m looking for an old game, perhaps early 90s. very old 3 d grafics, U saw ur character from outside (not 1 person). U could shoot (laser pistol i think) and u where on some kind of station with green aliens. at some poin t u had to rescue a scientist. There where some sort of platforms where u could heal.

The most important and memorable thing about this game are the death scenes. If u did t know a new area u came to, u often ran into "traps". I remember some dark place with a hole in the wall, as i went by a sequence started, where an alien, some sort of plant or somthin pulled me inside the hole and i was dead.

there are lots of different scenes like that...

well those are only memory fragments, can t tell u more, hope that someone can help me find the name

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Maybe Out Of The World (Another World in some territories) or Flashback?

i search this game too

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i guess its not Another World or Flashback, those games was not 3D like.

Can you confirm the player you playing has purple blood, and in some of the first level there is a ventilation scene, where you can fall down, and you head cutted off ?

And you can use some alien computers too (on the walls) with alien characters only on it.

found it!

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Just found it in another post:

I hope you searching this too:

Alien Odyssey:


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