Old game about being trapped in a cursed house [Uninvited]

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Old game about being trapped in a cursed house [Uninvited]

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Can someone help with this?

I remember that you crash your car and you have to get out before it explodes. After that, you search your brother (I think) and you have to search him in this cursed house. If you stay too long inside you die (or get possesd, I don't remember). It's a point and click game, and I think there is a demon that follows you around with some key.. I know this is not the best description, but any help would be awesome ! :)
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Post by dosraider »

Sounds indeed as Uninvited, in uninvited you have to search your younger kid brother who disappeared after you crash your car.
There are several ports of the game.

Dosversion: runs fine directly in dosbox, but to avoid, is mediocre.

Win3 version: in my opinion the best version, but it's doubtful it will run directly on a modern OS. You'll need or VPC2007 running Win3.x or W98SE, or dosbox with Win3.x.
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Yes! Thanks so much guys, that's it :)!
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