DOS Spaceship Fighter game

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DOS Spaceship Fighter game

Post by Krt »

Hi folks,

I'd really like to know the name of some old DOS game I used to play when I was a child.

- You were controlling a space ship (fighter). You were flying just forwards (in the upper side of the screen) and the screen was moving itself. You could - move your ship in any of this 2D direction on the current screen.
- There were many small ships flying towards you trying to hit you with bullets or whatever and you had to dodge the bullets and kill those ships.
- You had various kinds of shooting styles. First you had just one forward direction of yellow shots, then you could grab better (2 forwards), then 3 forwards, then 1 forward and 2 in 45° degrees on both sides, then those previos 3 and one more from behind, then 2 more on both sides etc...
- When someone shot you, your shooting style changed back to the first one, and with another hit you were killed.
- There was very big mother ship at the end you had to kill.
- The game is old, very colorful, the space fighter was blue and the shots were yellow.

Does anyone know its name?

Thanks for your advice!
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Post by emmzee »

Try looking through the names/screenshots of the games here and see if any of them match:
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I know what you're looking for !

Post by Fointard »

Xenon 2 Megablast
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Post by Vyothric »

Sounds more like Major Stryker to me.

Edit: Just saw how long ago original post was. :sleep:

Got it!

Post by Guest »

Nah, I know which game the OP is referring to, because it's the one I'm trying to remember as well! I thought it was called X a n a x (forums think that's it's spam, so have to break it up) ... AHAHAHAHA!! Xatax!! There it is!

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