old side scroller with a robot that transforms into a plane

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old side scroller with a robot that transforms into a plane

Post by morboz »

im desperate

its an old (very old, mid 80's i believe) game where you were a robot capable of transforming into a jet fighter whenever you wanted.
the reason im searching for it is its awsome music... i had a flashback of this great tune, took me some time to even figure out where i know it from
cant remember what it was called, and didnt show up on my google search

help would be appreciated
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Post by emmzee »



If so, there's a couple different interpretations of the theme song available here:

http://www.toadstool.net/games/thexder/ ... /index.htm

If you want the real thing you can track down an <i>abandonware download</i> but we can't help with such things here ;)
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Post by Guest »

thanks for the reply

hmmm... strange

i was very small when i played this so i cant really remember, but it sure does look like the game im referring to
but this tune is not the one that popped to my head, im either confusing with a different game, or maybe theres another game just like that? :)
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Post by Masa El he'Avar »

Bit of a slow download from the site emmzee linked so I'm not sure but I think non of these files are using sounds from the PC Speaker, here, try this:

maybe there's another game just like that?
Well, there's a sequel... Also, there's a game called Future Cop: LAPD. Both are much newer than Thexder.

Here's an idea: why don't you record yourself humming the tune (or whistling it) and upload it to a site like SoundCloud or YouTube or even a file hosting site and let us hear it ?
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