1997, sidescroller, action-adventure ... [Dark Angael]

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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1997, sidescroller, action-adventure ... [Dark Angael]

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the game character was a girl with red suit and a braid, i only played the demo so i was confined to a level where you went sometimes underground in a catacomb-like ambient. the objective was to find something, like a chalice. the thing i remember well was that while you moved with the keyboard you shot with the mouse and to direct the bullets you used an on-screen reticle that you moved freely around the screen with the mouse.
any help? i know it's from 1997 because the demo was in a cd with other masterpieces such as netstorm, hexen 2 and broken sword 2.
thank you in advance!
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Dark Angael ?
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i love from the very bottom of my earth. should you ever come to italy let me know, i'll bake you a cookie or something
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