Finding/Remembering the name of a game.

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Finding/Remembering the name of a game.

Post by Warren »

hey, I'm looking for a game that used to be on those
"GAME EMPIRE: 250 Games in One" CD's, it was either
on volume I or II, anyhow, It was called like "Evolve" or
"Genetix" or something like that, where you can load
species, and select a food growth rate, and the "species"
would basically be a bunch of pixels, and they would eat
each other or something, there was also like a menu
thing where you could make your own settings for the
species, and you could pause it, and check out the
mutation of a species, and when it was paused a lil
alien bug or something would crawl across.

if you have any clue, give me a reply, thanks.
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Way too much free time
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Post by Splodginator »

I have one of the Game Empire CD's, I'll check when I find it.
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