"Jump!" Bouncing blue ball - top view platformer

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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"Jump!" Bouncing blue ball - top view platformer

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I'm looking for an old game- I think it was freeware or shareware, where you control this bouncing blue ball. It's a view from above, so it looks like the ball is shrinking or growing before you get used to it. You have to time your jumps to navigate among these grey block platforms floating in space.

The game automatically scrolls from bottom to top, the goal is to get the "end" portal thing to the next level. You get three lives. There are lots of levels (never got past level 50-something)

I thought it was simply called "Jump!" but I can't find a game with that name anywhere.

Ringing a bell for anyone? I think it might have been a free game of some kind, not commercially released afaik.
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It sounds like a Marble Madness \ Trailblazer clone. :)
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