I search for an old dos Race - Game! PLEASE HELP ME ;-)

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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I search for an old dos Race - Game! PLEASE HELP ME ;-)

Post by DJTaucher »

I search for an old dos Race - Game,
the graphics was monochrom (i think).
It appeared 1988-93 !?
On gamestart there was a newspaper shown,
you could choose among some cars,
after you bought a car you could tune it up,
and at least you could race against computer opponents, and so on.

I hope anyone knows this game.
Thanks for your help
(You can also mail me for any information you have: stefan-t@gmx.at )
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Post by wardrich »

i think i know the game, but it wasn't monochrome, it was EGA, or CGA or summin, i also think it was made by California Games.

it was called Hot Rods or Test Drive or summin like that.

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Post by Wally »

This game is called street rod!!!

Have fun

Thanks!! I found the game i searched

Post by DJTaucher »

!!!!!!! thank you sooo much !!!!!!!!!
i found the game i searched. it was StreetRod.

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