Looking for a game similar to king's quest [KQ 5]

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Henry Jones Jr.

Looking for a game similar to king's quest [KQ 5]

Post by Henry Jones Jr. »

Hi there,

I am trying to find a game I used to play when I was younger. It was kinda like one of the king's quest series, but I checked all of them and even downloaded some to see whether that's the one I am looking for, but no success so far...

I can remeber that:

- there was a dwarf handing over shoes when you gave something to him
- you had to find a needle in a haystack
- you could die
- there was a desert somewhere
- there was a beach where you had to find a clam to give it to some guy
- there was an inventory and the game was played with the mouse, typical king's quest - style
- it was DOS - based

That's all I can remember I am afraid... does anybody have a clue what game that could have been..???

Cheers, see ya,


Post by M.Bowker »


I know you said that you checked them all, but this sounds a lot like King's Quest VI.

I can't post a link here, but when I search 'King's Quest VI' on google image, 2nd page, two down on the right is a screen shot of a bunch of dwarfs on a sandy beach with a clam on far left. I think you had to fool the dwarfs into thinking that you weren't there (each only had one sense), and take the pearl from the clam.

Sorry if I'm wasting your time.

Post by Guest »

Thanks a lot for trying to help,

but the one Im looking for is not King's Quest 6.

I can remember that the beach was not at the same place as the dwarf. The dwarf was located in kinda cave or tree or something, and you could give him something (gems perhaps) so that he handed out those special shoes - I forgot what you need them for though.

And the beach was another part of the game (it was later in the game) where you first had to find that clam so that you can travel over water without getting killed by some creature or something. And at the beach, there was a cottage and I think a man lived in there.

We played the game quiet often and we made it pretty far. Another thing I still can remember is that at the end - I think it should be the end at least; I never finished it - you find yourself in an evil sorcerer's castle and you could get his magic wand but I could not use it...

And somewhere else in the game there was a cave with an evil creature in some kinda snowy mountain, I think. And there was the desert. In that desert, we always got killed by some kind of nomads (I think you had to hide behind a rock so that they could not find you).

Really no clues what game it could have been..?
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Post by Frodo »

Was it King's Quest 4: Perils Of Rosella? :)
http://www.mobygames.com/game/kings-que ... creenshots
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Post by Cush1978 »

Sounds like it could possibly be Dragonsphere.

Post by Guest »

Hiya there again,

thanks for the hints but no, it's neither KQ 4 nor Dragonsphere... the Hero in the game was a man and the graphics were better than KQ4. And I have never seen Dragonsphere before - it looks good though.

I watched some Youtube Vids about all the KQ parts, and KQ5 looked alomst like the one I am looking for, but it's not... There was no silly owl telling me what not to do and anyway, there were many scenes I did not recognize again at all. Some screens reminded me of the game I mean though. In KQ5 there's the cave with the yeti, there's a haystack, there's the evil sorcerer's castle, there's the desert and the beach and the boat and the man in his "ship-cottage" who gets the clam, but there are soooo many things in KQ5 which I cannot remember at all. And there's IS a dwarf in KQ5, but it's not the one I mean... the dwarf in my game lived in a tree or in kinda cave and you had to shrink yourself down to fit in there or something to talk to the dwarf and get those special boots. One more thing I can remember is that you had to wear a coat or something not to freeze to death on that snowy mountain - yes I know, this happens in KQ5 as well... It's strange... How can it have been KQ5 if I don't even recognize the title screen or the first scene in KQ5? That's just not possible! Any other ideas..?



Post by Guest »

Hi again,

I've been playing King's Quest V now and solved some puzzles. It IS the game I played long ago. There were some savegames on the disk already, that's why I could only remember some particular scenes of the game. Anyway, thanks for trying to help.

King's Quest 5 rocks :-)

The puzzles are really good.


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