Someboady please help me find this classic game!

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Someboady please help me find this classic game!

Post by Goosie922 »

I'm looking for the title of a simple game, where you can do 3 things- warp to a safe place, warp to a random place, or destroy the enemies close to you.

It involves moving one step at a time. you can go left, right, up, down, or diagonally, but every move you make, your enemies move one step closer to your position. If they touch you, you lose a life.

The object of this game is to eliminate the enemies by moving yourself around the screen where the enemies bump into each other (which kills them) as they come after you. The higher the levels, the more enemies.

I recall the name of this game starting with either a D or an L, and having a K in it, if that helps at all. think it falls in the arcade category. If anyone could help with the title of the game, that would be fantastic, thanks!

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Post by wardrich »

i think its called Robots. There are like a gazillion clones of it tho.

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Games name

Post by Wally »

This game is called Daleks You can get it on Macintosh. YOu can get a shareware emulator from and the game should be @

Have fun


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