Wheeled tank on an island - game? probably around 1994-1997

Help locating old / Pre year 2000 games you used to play.
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Wheeled tank on an island - game? probably around 1994-1997

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I just cant rember what was the name of this game, so I have no way of finding it again.

I got the demo of this game with some game magazine and I think I played it on my 486 computer rather than on my later 133mhz pentium.

What I remember:
It was a 3D game, you drove this wheeled off-road tank and the view was from the back of the tank, I dont remember if you could change the view to inside the tank.
You were on an big island that was all green, and you could drive everywhere, but not into the water and not the steapest mountaints.
Your mission was to find some "towns", buildings (that was manly inside some fjords) and blow up some main buildings with missile.
You had to rely on your radar to find those "towns" and see where the enemy vehicle were.
I also think it was in this game, that there was some stuck rocker luncher guns often in the hillside shooting at you, and you could blow them up.
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Post by jonesybunny »

If not for the water, I would suggest Wild Metal (Country) but another possibility could be Infestation ( http://www.mobygames.com/game/windows/infestation ) although that one's from 2000 and it's unlikely you could play that on a 486.
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